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decision making through laughter


God has bestowed us with a magnificent marvel of technology with a complex system embodied by soul, mind and energy - termed as the human body. The human body has the capacity of perception of the outward world, through sensory organs, and the inner world through soul or consciousness.

Our sensory organs collect the information and convert it into the data, feed it into the brain’s storage, which acts as human GPS. All wordy informations are stored in mind through these sensory organs.

Someone has beautifully defined the human body as:- “Human body is chariot, intellect is charioteer and sensory organs are reins.” Accuracy of sensory organs will collect authentic and correct data and feed it to the storage device called mind. On its retrieval it will reproduce information depending upon the data which has been fed. Hence we need to keep our sensory organs stimulated to have correct information.

If we eat a apple with closed eyes and nose shut, probably won’t be able to identify

the apple. Hence correct information is a combined perception of all the sensory organs. Therefore , sensory organs play a vital role in decision making as it is the outcome of the memory or the data which has been stored in the brain fed by sensory organs. These tools of sensory organs need to be sharpened to have better perception and accuracy of information. Human laughter contributes significantly in sharpening these tools i.e sensory organs. The people with abundance of laughter have better judgement and decision making capabilities than those who seldom laugh.

The inner voice so called is consciousness or gut feeling. This state of consciousness is always pure, unadulterated, which always sends signals to the conscious mind about any wrongdoings we indulge into. If this inner voice is encountered with constant snubbing, it finally, either stops sending the warning signals or the intensity of these signals drastically diminishes. The difference between Gods and demons, good and bad, helping and selfish is this pure inner voice – its consideration or its ignorance.

Always listen to the inner voice. Which is only pure only if the sensory organs are sharpened well through the process of laughter.

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