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It is with great reverence and admiration that we honour a truly exceptional woman, a personified legend who lived for her family and all those around her. This woman was a shining example of visionary intelligence, courage, administration, finance, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Despite her lack of formal education, she was a self-taught master of countless domestic skills, including knitting, stitching, tailoring, and more. Her keen sense of entrepreneurship allowed her to achieve remarkable success in all aspects of her life.

Through her shining example, this remarkable woman proved that there is no correlation between literacy and wisdom. Her abundant commonsense and plethora of wit and anecdotes astounded all who knew her. She was a mother who loved her children more than anything in the world, and she never failed to call her child every day, despite her poor health, to inquire about business, meals, and family. She never discouraged her child's adventurous and arduous journey of entrepreneurship and was always there to pray for their success.

This remarkable woman had a deep sense of commitment towards animals, nature, and all those around her. Her holistic approach to life emphasized the importance of caring and giving. Her favourite engagement was kitchen gardening, which she shared with not only her loved ones but also her neighbours, acting as a pivot in spokes.

Her meaningful quotes and anecdotes were a source of constant amusement and inspiration to all who knew her. Her statement, "An ox eats away the wealth it creates,". That was aimed at me as I was always always investing and expanding without being focussed on savings.

Her statement, "Drop by drop fills the jar," was not just a statement but a way of life, reflected in her financial planning skills. She even saved a small amount as meagre as Rs. 50 in a recurring deposit in the old days in the post office, a testament to her magnificent financial planning skills.

Despite her lack of formal education, this woman was a blend of intelligence and extreme power of anticipation, and no one could conceal anything from her. Her sixth sense and administrative skills made everyone in the family disciplined. She used to say, "I have the brain of a crow", which was a testament to her intelligence and power of anticipation.

This extraordinary woman demonstrated that work can wait, but a mother can't, when she encouraged a friend's son to leave his busy schedule and visit his sick mother. She said “work can wait, mother cant”. Her caring side was yet another reflection of her profound wisdom and empathy.

We can only wish to be blessed with such motherhood in our lives to come. The memories of this remarkable woman will forever be cherished, and we miss her deeply. Her life was a rare blend of vision and wisdom, and her example will continue to inspire all who knew her.

Miss you Ma.

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