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Safety Standards

"Experience the thrill with peace of mind" 

The Glide Inn  -  where safety is our wingspan.

At Glide Inn, safety is paramount. We pride ourselves on adhering to rigorous safety standards to ensure the well-being of every pilot and passenger. As an approved paragliding site, we maintain a team of licensed pilots who undergo regular medical checkups and first aid training. Each glider is equipped with a reserve parachute, and both passengers and pilots are insured for 10 lakhs, providing peace of mind for every adventure. With marshalls stationed at take-off and landing sites, we ensure smooth operations and minimize risks. Glide Inn is where adventure meets unwavering safety, ensuring that every glide is an exhilarating yet secure experience for all.


a. The Glide Inn is a Government approved paragliding site.

b. All the pilots possess commercial tandem licences.

c. All the gliders have reserve parachutes to ensure additional safety.

d. The passenger and pilot are insured for 10 lakhs.

e. Trained marshalls are stationed at take-off and landing sites.

f. Every pilot has undergone  first aid training and are good in handling emergencies

g. Pilots, Marshalls and staff of The Glide Inn undergo regular medical checkups.

h.  First aid Kits are available at both takeoff and landing site

i.  Special rescue ropes and harnesses are available at landing site

j. Standby rescue team and vehicle are always on their toes

k. Yearly safety check up and inspection is done for Gliders, harnesses and other related equipments


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