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Chandigarh Shimla Highway - Encroachers den.

The newly partially built National Highway starting from Parwanoo to Solan has become a favourite Hot Spot of encroachers - temporary as well as permanent, organised and unorganised encroachment, and is rampantly increasing phenomenon. If not checked at this initial stage would lead to multiple problems in times to come.

How come such a mass scale encroachment is not noticed by any of the the policy maker, executives and law makers who travel through this road and is the major lifeline of the state.

The reason of flourishing encroachment is poor designing without any provision of market places and toilets on the highway and collusion between breakers and keepers of law. The fallout of this tendency would be disastrous in times to come because of the following reasons :

Although it seems pretty good today but soon would lead to accidents and traffic hazard with increase of traffic. This further would bring security threat because of settlement of unverified migrants. This phenomenon is not by default but under design. These Hawkers are very well managed by those who feed them with money, material and resources.

This has further caused a dent to the income of those who have legitimate possessions of the property on national highway and are struggling for survival.

If this is not stopped now, will encourage this tendency of encroachment, rampantly and will amplify this monster.

This encroachment has been a blot to the beauty of the hills, reduces the pleasure of drive and hinderance to scenic beauty.

My request to the Authorities to immediately remove the encroachments on national highway and, make provision of market places at least at two places between Parwanoo and Shimla. This will not only check this menace but will also add revenue to the government.

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