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Transmute meaning is - changing or transferring one element or form of energy to another.

The emotion of sex is an irresistible force being into the state of mind and is generally associated with physical. So strong and the impelling is the desire for sexual contact that men freely row the risk of reputation and life as well.

Whether in the men or beast - remove or destroy the sex glands, means you have removed the major source of action. It's like the spirit to fight is taken out of him or her. This has the same effect for males and females. A bull becomes an Ox and is as docile as a cow after it has been altered sexually.

The facts about this latent sexual energy is substantiated by the science and research :

  1. Men of the greatest achievement are the one who had highly developed desire for sex.

  2. The men who have accumulated the greatest fortunes and recognition in literature, art, science, industry or any other profession, were motivated by the influence of women.

The desire for sex and its expression is in-born and cant be eliminated or suppressed. It should be given an outlet through different forms of expression which enriches the body, mind and spirit.

We can stop the water of a river by building a dam temporarily but eventually the water will force an outlet. The same is applicable to the emotion of sex, We can rein it for sometime and if not channelised, would find less worthy outlets.

Transmute this powerful emotion of sex into creative outlet. It means switching the mind from thoughts of physical expression to some other nature. Creativity, imagination, passion, courage, will power and persistence, all are because of compelling sexual desires. It becomes a motivating force when harnessed and redirected to the powerful creative forces like art, literature, music or any other enriching profession.

“Transform mediocrity into genius through TRANSMUTATION”.

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