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The creative imagination

The Creative Imagination

Through the ages men have depended upon their physical senses and have limited their knowledge to physical things, which could see, touch, smell, weigh and measure. His focus was majorly on tangible forces rather than intangible forces.

Most of the time we speak lightly about these intangible forces which can’t be perceived through any of the sensory modes of perception i.e. five senses. But we all are controlled by the forces which are unseen, intangible and more powerful than what we presume. We are entirely subservient to these forces and have no power to control these forces wrapped up in the rolling waves of the ocean, forces of gravity, thunderstorms or floods etc.

We all are interconnected the way our computers are connected to the internet through cables, wifi or satellite. We are connected to the known, the way computers are connected through LAN, but are interconnected to unknown through the vibrations the way computers are connected through wifi or satellite.

We all have a magnificent technology of connectivity being done through the human mind which works on the principles of broadcasting i.e. sending and receiving. The human brain is capable of picking up the vibrations of thoughts which are being released by other brains.

The creative imagination is the “receiving set” of the human mind. These thoughts released by others but picked up by the receiving set, accumulate them and use for creativity. Therefore the creativity is the accumulation of vibrations of thoughts from other brains. The subconscious mind is the “Transmitting station” of the brain through which the vibrations of thoughts are broadcast. The conscious mind is the “Receiving Station” responsible for analysis and creative imagination.

Thoughts can be increased or decreased through positive and negative emotions, the way the electrical transmission system operates with step up and step down transformers. Hence sharpening our skills of conscious and subconscious communication for better transmission of signals gives us the opportunity to be creative and have an abundance of ideas. .

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