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Every entrepreneur has a story. Smallest and true story of Entrepreneur.

True story of an entrepreneur:

  • When I started my business:

  • Nobody supported me.

  • Nobody believed in me.

  • Nobody cared about me.

  • While most of my friends were studying or making money:

  • I was investing.

  • I was sacrificing.

  • I was struggling.

  • While most were partying over the weekends:

  • I was working.

  • I was growing.

  • I was pushing my limits.

  • While my friends were on vacation:

  • I was renovating a new location.

  • I was training my employees.

  • I was buying new equipment.

  • While my friends had 9-to-5 jobs:

  • I was opening my office early in the morning.

  • I was having sleepless nights.

  • I couldn’t stop thinking about solving the internal problems of my business.

  • While I had to deal with the labour union and tax guys:

  • I was the only one stressed.

  • I was dealing with attorneys.

  • I was tolerating their unreasonable expectations.

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