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omens of nature

"Aham Bhramasmi" I am Bramah. This holds true for all living beings. The way the drop of the ocean contains the same ingredients of the sea, likewise we are also a part of the universal soul or one may call it to the universal mind. We become part of this universe as we accumulate this body from mother earth and after death, finally become part of it. When we are a part of nature or the universal soul resides within us. Nature or God communicates with us in its own way through "OMENS". Only we need to raise our consciousness to understand these omens and take out the inference from them. Everything around us communicates with us might it be birds, trees, air, clouds, animals, water, humans etc.etc.

The position of stars, the shapes of cloud, the circle of the whirlpool, the waves of the sea, the colours of trees, the flight of birds, the rainbow, the shape of the moon, all are the ways and means of communication.

Since everything in the universe is cyclic, there has to be the good and the bad side. Similarly, these communications or omens are auspicious and inauspicious too. Imagine one day you are in a hurry and find all the red lights - green and sometimes just reverse of this. Some day you find your vehicle with flat tires and missed an important meeting, but later come to know that missing the meeting was fruitful. Our elders used to believe if a crow in front of your house is crowing, means some guest is coming. Looking at the nests of the birds they could predict the rainfall. Whether we believe in them or not, is a secondary issue. But nature does communicate with us. .

COVID 19, Maharashtra and West Bengal Cyclone and Earthquake jerks at Delhi are a few inauspicious Omens of God communicated through nature..

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