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New Norm -capitalism with heart


Renunciation and possessions keep a balance in society. But, gradually with the phase of time the sainthood has been overpowered by capitalism. This led to the change in the long established evaluation patterns from - character to possessions, equality to disparity and heart to Heartless.

Knowledge, wisdom, kindness and sacrifice has lost its relevance in today's competitive world. Nowadays, we evaluate a person, not from his character, but from his materialistic possessions. Possession is not bad at all but its vulgar display is.

There is a finite capital in the world . One person becoming a millionaire means thousands of stomachs to go hungry. Its migration of wealth from bottom to the top. We have devised every mechanism to count the wealth of billionaires on an everyday basis, but haven't developed a machine to measure hunger and kindness. This ruthless chronic capitalism has created palaces which are surrounded by slums. This wealth certainly can bring a smile to a segment of classes, but snatches happiness from masses.

This fact is further substantiated by the enactment of CSR law. Had we been socially responsible, this law would have never come into existence. This compels us to be responsible because we had been irresponsible. Now, individual social responsibility is the new norm of coexistence.

The need of the hour is CAPITALISM WITH HEART. Those who have will have to give more than those who don't.

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