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Human civilisation has lived for ages without religion, agriculture, music, scriptures, art etc., but - ‘never without weapons’. The first weapon of human civilisation was provided by nature itself in the form of ‘stone’. Initially the man used it for survival and later for architectural purposes.

Unfortunately, the entire innovation of the world has been and still, is focussed on weapons. It has been a proven fact that initially, all the innovations and technologies were primarily developed for the purposes of defence and later used for the society to serve some meaningful purposes.

In our Hinduism, all Gods and Goddesses are with weapons. Lord Krishna with ‘Sudarshan Chakra’, Hanuman with ‘Gada’, Lord Ram with ‘Bow and Arrow’, Lord Shiva with Trishul. It's also a fact that whosoever possessed weapons, have always used them for some reason or the other.

Nature cant guarantee equality when one possesses a weapon without the other having it. Therefore in order to bring equality, the weapons are being produced in masses for mass destruction, around the world and are becoming more and more lethal than ever. They might be Nuclear, Biological, Chemical or Radiological.

These modern day weapons can cause unimaginable distortion, disruption and destruction in the world. The latest glaring example is the Chinese virus named ‘corona’. How a micro organism has enslaved the entire human race and brought it to its knees. Imagine the scale of devastation if biological weapons are coupled with nuclear weapons.

On a superficial plane it seems that the arm race is maintaining a balance in the world. This assumption will be relevant temporarily and is going to be irrelevant soon. The weapons, so produced will certainly be used, when, it's just a matter of time. We all are waiting for “DOOMSDAY” which will bring human civilization to the brink of Extinction.

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