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justice by pressure


The strength of the nation should not be assessed by its balance sheet, but through the ways and means - the justice is delivered to its citizens.

When institutions meant to serve the servant, start serving the masters, the mighty politicians, bureaucrats and capitalists, justice cant be delivered. There are glaring examples of biased, insensitive selectively efficient policing and justice. Therefore, justice is not delivered on the basis of merit or righteousness but on the basis of pressure.

In the year 2017, August, there was a unique case of justice by pressure, with Chandigarh police where the daughter of an IAS officer who was stalked by a Politician’s son. Initially the pressure of politicians was mightier than the girl, the boy was released in spite of the complaint lodged by the lady. In the next couple of days a strong current of bureaucratic and social and media pressure was built to the extent that the boy was arrested. He was put behind bars and couldn't get bail till the time the case was drawing prime time in the media. If the boy was wrong then why was he made scot free and if he was right then why was he arrested and no bail granted. Amazing….

I came across a Police Commissioner, who once said, we deliver justice by pressure. If a girl who is raped has more pressure than the accused the course of justice would be different than in the case, if the accused has more clout than the girl.

The first question asked by a policeman, if you happen to come across, is - What do you do? . With this question, he is not interested in knowing your profession. He is interested in knowing - how powerful, financially and politically, you can be. . Otherwise this question is absolutely irrelevant if the policing is done with righteousness.

Policing and justice has its impact on the conscious and subconscious minds of the public. One justice done on merits can prevent hundreds of crimes but unjustified favour extended to one, inspires thousands of offenders.

Biased policing brings in insensitivity in the society. We have a 1.35 billion population with growing insensitivity which can be assessed by the following examples.

  • A person met with a road accident is left to die on the road and people make videos instead of help.

  • A retired person has to bribe officials for his pension to be sent to his bank account.

  • A dead body can't be taken from a mortuary without greasing.

  • A physically fit person dont offer a chair to elderly or pregnant lady.

  • Prescription of costly tests to a poor person by a doctor for small ailments.

  • Preferential treatment to affluents and poor treatment to migrants.

  • Heavy investment on infrastructure which serves the classes but compromises on basic needs of masses.

  • Effective policing during VIP movement and invisibility during traffic jams.

  • Jan Aushadhi counter has only one sales man and a chemist shop just opposite to it has 20.

  • A dead body is put to flames using tyres because wood is unaffordable.

  • When moderns highways don't have provision of public conveniences, pedestrians pathways and rain shelters.

  • When we remember our actors and forget the heroes.

  • Offices with public dealing don't have chair to sit

To kill a society, make it insensitive. Insensitivity is inversely proportional to unbiased policing and justice.

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