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How to generate business Ideas

Business idea is the first step towards the big journey of entreprenurship

Anyone can generate business ideas. Only we need to enhance a few qualities within us mentioned below. This is one of the primary steps towards entrepreneurship.

  • Increase your observation power. Don’t simply look at things, observe them critically. The idea is right under your nose.

  • Ask Questions. Most of the people have inhibitions to ask questions.  If you don’t ask you won’t learn. Ask questions. Talk to those who are into the domain expertise, but keep on asking questions.

  • Identify pain points.  Keep on noticing the pain points in your and other’s life. Pain points are the simple reason behind the majority of innovations and developments in human civilization so far. Humans have strongly attached to comforts and leisure. 

  • Write down one idea every day. After a month or a year, you have 365 ideas. Only one of them will work and will be a million-dollar idea.  Even if you don’t want to pursue the journey of entrepreneurship, you can patent the idea or sell the idea and become a millionaire. 

  • Travel a lot. Visiting places and meeting people give amazing experience and a banquet of ideas. Traveling not necessary means international traveling, what it implies is to leave your comfort zone.  

  • Take a different route. The conventional thought and actions have attained maturity and have a limited scope of new ideas. Hence you need to think out of the box to have a better probability of workable ideas.

  • Use common sense. All innovations basically are the application of common sense but are generally uncommon. If you start observing innovations and products from this perspective, probably some time you will laugh on the simplistic application of commonsense.

No matter the idea you choose to pursue, make sure it solves a real problem. And that you have some kind of secret sauce to differentiate yourself from the current solutions. That, combined with execution will be the main factors on whether your project lives or dies, no matter how good or disruptive your idea is. “Hands” are the transmitting agents of ideas.

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