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HOW to attain "focus"


Focus means attention. Attention is the absence of distraction. Distractions are primarily because of imaginations & temptations. Mostly the imaginations are wild, jump like monkeys from one tree to another. These imaginations when directed towards the goal and coupled with controlled sensory temptations, is termed as focus. What matters is not the focus, what matters is “at what you focus”. Therefore the positive attention with constructive thoughts and least temptations is the mantra of success.

Focus is the dominance of intellect over the mind. Imagine a child crawling on the floor and wishing to play with water. But, the mother doesn't want him to play with water because of his sensitivity to cold. While she is in the kitchen, not looking at him, the child goes to water. As he was about to play with it, mother came to know and immediately brought him back, issued instructions and started doing her work in the kitchen again. Now both child and the mother were aware of each other’s intention. The child who had desire to play with water and mother who didn't want him to play with it. Now mother while working in the kitchen kept an eye on him and the moment he tried to go towards water, mother immediately brought him back. Finally the child who was brought back again and again surrendered to the control of mother. MInd is like a child and the mother is like your intellect.

MInd is controlled by ABHYASA and VAIRAGYA. Where abhyas is the repetition, practice, passion and vairagya is the dispassion, detachment or renunciation.

A wild horse exerts, all his resistance to its trainer in the beginning. Mind is like an untamed wild horse who makes his master fall again and again. But, the persistence of the master finally takes control over him, rides on him and moves him with his command. Mind is a beautiful servant but a terrible master. Therefore the control of the mind comes with Abhyas.

A man while going in the search of the work to another village, came across the “Mela”. He got tempted by the hustle and bustle of the swings, lighting, eatables, shows etc. and got engaged into it to the extent that he forgot his motive, that he was going in search of the work. Similarly. We all have innate longings for materialistic pleasures and possessions through our sensory organs, which in turn bring in immense distractions. Therefore vairagya means not surrendering to the sensory temptations.

“Repetition is the mother of all skills”. With Abhyasa and Vairagya one can control the mind.

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