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The simplest way of defining ethics is “What you do when you know - no one is watching you”.

Ethics can be personal and social. How we stand, think, talk, behave, eat, feel and even dream, depends upon the sum total of both these ethics which shapes the individual’s character as well as the character of the nation.

Both these Personal and State ethics are inseparable like a pair of scissors and coexist like two sides of the same coin. They coexist, rise and fall together. Personal ethics impact the State ethics and and vice versa. Personal ethics cant flourish under “Evil institutions” and “Noble Institutions” can't exist with the people with poor ethics. A good character can only be built in a perfect State. Any state with autocracy, inequality, injustice and chronic capitalism would never propagate noble personal ethics. Similarly lack of insensitivity, compassion and truth followed by selfishness would never produce a noble institution in politics and economics.

We as an independent nation started talking about personal ethics without focussing on state ethics. No noble - state or Institution was built to propagate ethics. The gradual erosion of character took place under the subsequent corrupt leaderships. A corrupt management can’t expect honest employees.

Someone has beautifully explained that “ Your intellect can open the doors of success but the doors will always remain open because of your character”.

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