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To win over a nation, don't kill it, kill its will to work.

Society in which idleness is personified is heading towards disaster.

Pandit Nehru once said - “We are becoming lazy people, especially with our hands and feet and often enough, intellectually lazy too.

Modern world is witnessing a gradual erosion of will to work, which will lead to disaster as an individual or as a society. There is a gradual transformation from intent to intentions, spirit to letter, principles to systems, ethics to law and from self compliance to regulatory mechanisms. All because of erosion of will to work. Although this erosion is subtle but phenomenal. The simple reason is temptation towards the personified physical comforts.

It has been said that England is gradually running down. Its streets are becoming shabier, its railway carriages and restaurants uglier. THis seems to be due to erosion of will to work. A few years ago it was estimated that it takes nineteen months to build a ship in British yard as against ten months in Germany, nine in Sweden and eight in Japan. The British nation is said to have tolerance for sloth and inefficiency. We too as a nation have blindly followed the west. We further strengthened this sloth and inefficiency with labour laws which speak about the rights not the duties, gives right to stop productivity but doesn't speak about efficiency.

The pleasure of comforts has been so well marketed that it tempts everyone. The correlation between sweat and sweetness is not shown to the masses. This further erodes the will to work. If this is not so, then why can't we work - unsupervised, why we are the nation with lowest - personal efficiency. The nation is moving with the genuine efforts of a 20% workforce. You notice at any point of time, anywhere while being in office, bank, govt. Office, industry etc., not more than 20% who work genuinely, rest are those who are killing time - have lost the will to work.

New generation’s attitude - longing to have more comforts with less effort.

Living mechanisms only become strong with extensive usage, whereas the non living faces the reverse. Any work without physical activity brings disaster to self, to society and to the nation. Even animals do some work in order to provide themselves with food and shelter. Ants are the most famous for their well disciplined work. Happiness is the byproduct of work.

A momentarily pleasure can be derived from comfort whereas long lasting leisure is from hard work. Comfort can be compulsive whereas leisure is a choice. The pleasure of leisure is directly proportional to intensity of work.

Most inventions are drifting humans from physical work. This space of physical work is gradually being filled by robots which further will amplify the urge of pleasure of comforts rather than leisure of work.

Since work banishes three evils - boredom, vice and poverty, now it is the duty of the leaders, legislators, social institutions and oneself to regenerate and reorient this will to work towards constructive tasks and nation building.


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