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Clapping is universally accepted as a gesture of collaboration and appreciation. Directly or indirectly, this small gesture is a symbol of togetherness, which in-turn generates the emotion of collective survival. Clapping with a smile is far more motivating than the incentive of award.

The people who genuinely appreciate others are generally - empathetic and humble. They have more quotient of appreciation than quotient of criticism.

Then why can’t we clap? Because we can’t appreciate. Since the appreciation is for collaboration, the criticism is for competition. The absence of appreciation is criticism.

There are few reasons why cant we clap:

We are attuned to criticism rather than appreciation since childhood. No one is spared, the neighbours, relative, servant, colleague, shopkeeper or even God. Finally the mould is cemented with full of criticism and little by appreciation. Finally, we all have mastered the art of Criticism.

  1. We always believed in individual salvation. Individual success has been paramount to collective survival.

  2. The modern education system has brought in more competition than collaboration.

  3. The declining social and religious gatherings.

  4. Genuinity of recognition and appreciation is generally missing.

Criticism dissipates more energy whereas appreciation is rejuvenating. Change yourself and start appreciating. Lets appreciate, lets clap, Lets smile, lets collaborate and make this world more beautiful to live.

Count your score of appreciation every day.

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