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Ask for troubles

Never ask God not to give you troubles. Ask God to give you strength to come out of them.

Troubles are a source of strength. Gives courage to face adversity. The member of a family who can execute well is given more responsibilities. All human capabilities are tested by troubles which keep on sharpening these tools of tendencies of overcoming the troubles.

Max accidents occur on express highways. Our senses of alertness gets complacent in the absence of troubles. Whereas one is always on high alert on state and city highways. Troubles always keep your senses alert and make use of them to the fullest extent. Easiest way of committing suicide is to do nothing.

Every mineral has very low quantum of metals in them but with scientific processes the pure metal is extracted out of the ore and on subsequent temperature treatments gives it the shape to be purposeful. Troubles are like the process of refining and processing to extract precious metals out of us.

None of the personalities around the world has achieved success without hardship. The ideal people are disliked by God. Unfortunately the human race has focussed all the indications and inventions towards being ideal or comfortable. This is like a river flowing in the opposite direction.

Troubles keep us humble. God's existence will be questioned if these troubles are not there. After successive launch failures by ISRO, the scientists have to resort to the God of sea by offering its pooja. If humbleness is being human then troubles have the most significant contribution in making humans as humans.


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