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Accuracy Championship 2023
Terms and conditions




1. LOCAL RULES & REGULATIONS: These local regulations are to be used in conjunction with the most recent versions of: General Section of the FAI Sporting Code Common Section 7C of the FAI Sporting Code. The purpose of the competition accuracy “Championships” is to provide a safe, fair and satisfying contest flying in order to determine the Individual champion of Spot Landing Competition - Shimla Flying Festival and to reinforce friendship among pilots. Competition Organizer: Govt. of H.P and The Glide Inn Meet Director : Suresh Kumar  


2. Entry

The maximum number of pilots in the championship is 100 which includes both Solo and Tandem categories. Competition is open to all overseas pilots whose countries are Member and Associated Member of FAI. The competition will comprise Solo and Tandem categories Pilots can’t participate in both categories.



3. Entry (Participation) Fees :

• 70 Euro Foreign Pilot or Rs. 3500 for Indian Pilots (No accommodation or melas included in this fee) The Entry fee includes:

• ID card

• Competitor identification.

• Transport To and From Flying site from place of stay.

• Lunch on Comp days.

• T-shirt.

• Free access to all championship events and parties.

• Free Internet – Wi-Fi – access at the Cafeteria zone • Winners Prizes • First aid medical service and Ambulance on all comp days



4. Entry (Participation ) Fees including Accommodation, food & Activities:

* 120 Euro for foreign pilots or Rs. 7000 for Indian pilots.

The accommodation for around 100 pilots would be provided at the landing site of The Glide Inn, in dome tents along with three meals daily for three nights and four days. Those who intend to take accommodations will have to book in advance only by paying the requisite amount. No accommodation will be provided for on the spot participants.

5. Prize Money :

a. Solo

    1st Prize Solo: Rs. 2,00,000/-

    2nd Prize Solo: Rs. 1,00,000/-

    3rd Prize Solo: Rs. 75,000/-


b. Tandem

    1st Prize Tandem: Rs. 1,75,000/-

    2nd Prize Tandem: Rs. 75,000/-

    3rd Prize Tandem: Rs. 50,000/-



6. Pre Online Registration

Registration for competition will be open on the competition website from 28.08.2023 at the website



7. Pre Telephonic Registration

The registration can be done telephonically subject to the submission of desired documents and payment proof. The same can be done by calling at +91 8427995135.

On the Spot Registration On the spot registration will be done till 11.30 am on 12.10.2023 subject to the availability of participation slots. Pilots must report to the registration office to have their documents checked and to receive supplementary information if any.


Pilot documentation required:

● Pilot Registration Form

● Pilot ID or Passport.

● Evidence of pilot qualification FAI License, IPPI card.

● Entry form

● Receipt for payment of entry fees.

● Satisfactory evidence of glider airworthiness according to Section 7C.

● Signed Release of liability documents.

● Insurance proof of 10 Lakhs

● Passport size Photo

Prerequisite conditions for pilots to participate in the Event

● An International Pilot Proficiency Identification (IPPI) Card to Stage 3 standard (Authentic ID proof)

● National Aerosport Control (NAC) Certificate (Authentic Certificate)

● Tandem License issued from State Authorities (Authentic License )

● Civil ID Holder with requisite flying experience of 100 hours (Authentic proof of ID)

● P4 Level certificate holder with min 50 hours of flying experience (Authentic Certificate with proof of flying hours)

● Armed and Paramilitary Forces Pilots with a certificate of Pilot from authorities and Permission of participation (Valid documents)

● Proof of Digital log book or manual log book (certified by the Certified Instructor) is mandatory for participation for P4 Certificate and Civil ID Holders



8. Acceptance

The organizers require documentary proof evidence of qualification and recommendation of senior pilots. During the test round MD, Safety director and Technical adviser will monitor qualification of the pilots and if pilot would not be able to show proper start, flying or landing technique he or she would not be accepted to take part on the competitions, but he/she would be welcome to stay on all competition events. Entry fee will not be refunded.



9. Insurance

The organizers require documentary proof in English of valid insurance covering public liability risk to the value of minimum Rs. 10 Lakhs. Documentary proof must be presented to the organizers at registration; Also, Personal accident/hospitalization/repatriation insurance is mandatory for pilots.




10.  All equipment must comply with Section 7C.

Every pilot must have his own equipment. Changing glider is not allowed without consulting with the Meet Director. Contestant numbers will be supplied in accordance with Section 7C. The number is 15 x 10 cm and must be displayed on the leg. Radio Every pilot can fly with radio VHF – 2 meters radio – set on given official Radio frequency are not to be used for the purpose of providing advantageous competitive information, for coaching. Only the radio frequencies allocated by the organizers for safety, organization, teams must be used.



11. Competition site Takeoff /Landing

The Glide Inn Take Off : Altitude: 7500 Feet Wind direction : SW The Glide Inn  

The Glide Inn Landing : Altitude: 5500 Feet Wind direction : All 360

Travel time from Landing to take off by car is 25-30 min. 9 km.



12.Take off and recording the scores

a. Competitors must have good nil-wind as well as strong wind Take-off skills.

b. At the Launch Meet Director’s discretion, a pilot may be temporarily stood down or permanently withdrawn from the competition if he/she appears unable to launch safely in wind and weather conditions that fall within operating limits.

c. A failed take-off attempt or safety problem arising immediately after take-off (and which is not a result of pilot’s poor pre-flight check) which results in a landing at takeoff, or away from the target, will be eligible for a re-launch for that round when allowed by Meet Director or Chief Judge.

d. Flying order : Round1 , At registration all pilot with withdraw there launch order. Round 2 all competitors must follow reverse launch order .

e. Competitors not ready to fly in the established flying order when called forward to launch by the Launch Marshall, or who take off without the Launch Marshall’s permission, will be liable first warning and second to a maximum score.

f. A pilot who is not present at launch will be marked ABS in the results of that round and a maximum score will be recorded.

g. A pilot who did not fly will be indicated as DNF in the results for that round and a maximum score will be recorded. h.A pilot who is disqualified for that round will be indicated DSQ on the score sheet and accorded the maximum score.

i. The average launch interval is 90 - 180 seconds/pilot.



13. Scoring methods

a. Competitors will be scored according to the distance in centimeters between the first point of ground contact with their body and the edge of the dead center (2 cm) disc to a maximum score of 1000 cm

b. The measuring Field will have clearly marked circles set at 0.5m, 1.0m 2.5m, 5m, and 10m. c. Landing must be made on the feet. Falling is not allowed and a maximum score will be recorded, if the competitors fall.

d. Landing has to be made on the feet within a 10 m radius from the edge of the center disc. If a competitor falls at landing, he will receive a maximum score equivalent to landing outside the target.

e. Fall means if any part of the body or equipment (excluding footrest speed system) touches the ground before the wing does.

f. If a competitor lands in such a manner that the foot’s first point of contact cannot be defined (heel, side, toe...), then the furthest point of the footprint is measured. Individual scoring The score of an individual shall be the aggregate of all the scores achieved by that competitor.When five or more valid rounds are completed, the worst one individual score is dropped. Every officially registered competitor should fly at least once during the competition to remain a valid, scoring competitor.



14. Number of rounds

There may be a maximum of 5 rounds completed within the time available, and a minimum of 1 round must be completed to validate the competition however it depends upon the Meet Director to increase the no of rounds depending upon time and weather and wind conditions.



15. Rest Day

No specific rest day is planned.


16. Pre-Fliers:

a. The official Championships pre-fliers will be notified to all pilots at the first competition briefing. They will be experienced pilots familiar with the local sites, who understand the importance of their role in the Championship. They will not be participating in the competition.

b. Being a flying festival, there will be a few free-flying allowed from the Competition site in use, either during the competition or during a stand down, either by competition pilots or by free flyers, either at the middle of the day or at the end of the Competition day. However the decision of the Meet Director would be final depending upon the available time, weather and wind conditions.



17. Penalties


•Dangerous or aggressive flying

1 st offence: warning.

2 nd offence: maximum score for the round.


•Radio coaching

1 st offence: maximum score for the round.

2 nd offence: disqualification.


• Abuse of officials or bringing the sport into disrepute

1 st offence: warning.

2nd offence: disqualification.


18. Safety Committee

A safety committee will be appointed. At the first briefing, a safety Committee will be formed. It is recommended the Safety Committee includes: meet Director (or his deputy), Launch Marshall (or Deputy), senior member of Judging Team, minimum of two experienced participating pilots (one of them a foreign pilot).



19. Emergency Procedures

One English speaking emergency doctor and an ambulance with appropriate equipment will be available during all operations. Expected response time for evacuation by ambulance from landing to the nearest hospital



20. Re-launches

A competitor may only request a re-launch following a disputed flight by applying to the Event Judge at the target before signing for his score. The competitor must register his request for re-launch with the Recorder before communicating with any other person (with the exception of the Chief and Event Judges). The Event Judge may postpone a decision on a re-launch request for up to 15 minutes to be able to consult the judging team and (if Chief Judge decides so) video evidence. At the time a re-launch is awarded the competitor’s score for the disputed flight will be cancelled. Re-launches shall take place as soon as possible during the current round or the subsequent round. If a re-launch is not awarded and the pilot refuses to sign for the score this will be deemed to be a complaint and the time at which the complaint arose will be recorded and notified to the pilot. Refer to Complaints and Protests at 7.

A re-launch may be awarded only for the following reasons:

a. Wind Speed Here in Junga it is min 6 mtr/sec.

b. The wind speed exceeds the specified limit during the time of 30 seconds before the competitor lands. The competitor will be automatically offered a re-launch.

The competitor may choose to accept the score achieved or accept a re-launch. The competitor must make a decision immediately.

c. Target Obscured-The target is obscured during a competitor's final approach and the pilot makes a clear signal that he is flying away and does not attempt to land on the target.

d. Judges Disagree-The judges are unable to agree an accurate score for any reason.

e. Safety Reasons-The competitor changes his flight plans for safety, does not then attempt to land on the target and makes a clear signal that he is flying away.

f. Distraction-If there is any significant external distraction which demonstrably affects the competitor's target approach and the pilot does not attempt to land on the target and makes a clear signal that he is flying away.

g.Judge's Discretion-At the Judges’ discretion on the grounds of a technical problem or abnormal conditions. This may be a failure with equipment (e.g. a broken steering line or a big tuck during the flight), which is not a result of the pilot’s poor pre-flight check, or massive sink such that a pilot is unable to reach the target or arrives with insufficient height to make a considered final approach. A re-launch may be authorized provided that the pilot does not attempt to fly to the target.



21. Wind speed

The permitted wind speed will be 6 m/s. but the decision of the Meet Director is final.



22. Video evidence

Amateur video evidence may be accepted. The Organizers will provide video recording on the landing. In the case where amateur video evidence is available when an official complaint is made, the Competition Director and Chief Judge reserve the right to choose whether and when to view that video evidence. The decision will be made on a case-to-case basis. Further information regarding the policy on video evidence will be provided at the first pilot briefing.




Only participants can complain.

The complaint is to be lodged within two hours of end of the activities of the day.

To lodge a genuine complaint a sum of Rs. 3500/- needs to be deposited by the complainant.

This fee will be non refundable

The complaint will be addressed by a jury of Judges

The decision of the Jury will be final.


Suresh Kumar

Meet Director

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